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"I don’t understand this concept/chapter/

homework assignment/class!!"

Find yourself saying this a lot?

Your theory professor works super hard, but there are only so many office hours you can attend!

Problems can be nearly anything, big or small!

Rudiments (key signatures, note naming, etc.)

Ear training skills (harmonic dictation, sight singing, etc.)

Part writing/voice leading

Preparation for a written theory or ear training exam

If we don’t take care of little problems in written theory and ear training, they become big problems… fast.

Regular tutoring can help with all these issues!

As opposed to an online automated trainer, working live with a tutor means you are getting individualized help!


  • Discover why you are making the mistakes you are making and how to fix them.

  • No more searching YouTube videos in the hope that you might hit on the very problem you’re having!

  • No more online automated trainers with exercises that are way too easy or way too hard with very little feedback.

Grant Preheim at Blackboard.jpg

Introducing tutoring services through with Dr. Amy Kennedy,

real-time tutoring with a music theory professor so you can nail music theory and become the best musician you can possibly be!

Keyboard Drill.jpg

I have taught the classes that you are struggling with! I know how to pinpoint where you’re having difficulty and how to fix it.


I customize my teaching to your specific questions/issues and your individual learning style, and I employ all modes of learning - aural, visual, and kinesthetic (keyboard or other instrument) when possible!​

Tutoring isn’t just for help with one single question or issue, either!

  • Practice basic skills with immediate, live feedback.

  • Have a “dress rehearsal” of your next ear training or keyboard appointment with feedback and suggestions for improvement.

  • Check through an important assignment so you avoid losing valuable points! (Be aware - I do not/will not correct your homework, nor will I provide answers; I will only provide guidance that will lead you to a correct answer.)

  • Nervous test taker? Take a mock written theory or ear training exam and get over those jitters!


PLUS, you’ll also get instant access to:

  • Recordings of our tutoring sessions via Zoom

  • Review handouts relevant to the topics we covered during our session


You also get access to:

A “fit test” with me, so we can pinpoint your proficiency before and after we work together for the semester (for clients who pay for a full semester).

Your own “progress page” where you can track what you’ve worked on and the progress you’re making (for clients who pay for a full semester).

Untitled design.png

How does it work? 


Step 1:

Decide how often you’d like to meet. We can meet as often as you’d like.


Step 2:

Purchase the appropriate plan(s).


Step 3:

Sign up for an appointment time and let’s get busy!

"Dr. Amy Kennedy is such an effective, multi-faceted, and personable instructor! Music theory can be a daunting subject, but Dr. Kennedy is able to break it down in ways that were both easy to understand, hard to forget, and interesting to learn about overall because she understands how important it is for every musician to have a basic understanding in this subject. And, as a flutist myself, I found her instruction dually relatable when she found ways to tie in music theory to the repertoire I was working on. It’s been two years after I have studied with her as both my theory professor and my advisor for two writing projects (including my senior thesis), and clearly she’s left her mark, because I hope to also become a music scholar someday because of her."

-Lauren Bennati

Coordinated Master of Library Information Sciences/Master of Music History and Literature candidate, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

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Single Session:


Amy Kennedy Logos-15.png

Single Session:


Whether you need a single session on a single topic, or more ongoing help throughout the semester, there’s a package for you! 


Extended payment plans are available; inquire about those here.


I’m Dr. Amy! I am a proud graduate of the University of Kentucky (GO CATS!) and the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. I have taught music in some form or other for the past 27 years, worked with students from age 3 to 93, and from public/parochial school music to college music theory and history to church choir.


I am also a flutist and I LOVE to play! But while I have taught in different states (Kentucky, Indiana, and Iowa) and in different ways (I’ve had my own office but I’ve also done “art on a cart,” where I travelled to different classrooms teaching music), the main thing I love best is figuring out ways to explain things that might be difficult for some people to understand in a way that makes it EASIER for them.


One of the very best teachers I ever had in music theory at UK explained things so well to me that I’m pretty sure she could have explained calculus to me and it would have been fine. (Note: NOT ALL music theorists are good at mathematics - I suck at it.) That’s why I love what I do! In those rare moments when I’m not theorizing or fluting, I am usually working on cross-stitch projects or just spending time with my cats, Neville Goodfellow and Primrose Nevermean.

Here’s what others have asked!

What if I just know that I’m not good at theory and I’m not sure where to start?
It’s OK! We’ll work together to figure out where we need to begin, and we will formulate a plan to get you on your feet.


Yikes, I just don’t think I can spend that right now! Isn’t there a bigger payment plan??

There are a number of ways to pay - you can just buy individual sessions if a semester pass is too much right now!

I don’t think I have time for this??
That’s the beauty of buying a session multi-pack: you can use your sessions when YOU are ready to use them.

Do you offer refunds?
Services are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?
Send me a question here.

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