Graduating seniors and incoming
graduate students!

Does that graduate entrance exam in music theory have you worried?

Does Theory IV seem like a ridiculously long time ago?

Are you thinking “no parallel fifths” and that’s all you can remember for voice leading rules?

I hear you, and I’ve got you covered!

I hear you, and I've got you covered!



Music Theory Graduate Review

An intensive 5-class crash review course of the main topics most often covered in music theory and most likely to be asked on graduate placement exams.

What do you get with each of the 5 live classes?

  • First of all, it’s live, so you have chances to stop me and ask questions if you are confused or need further explanation. We will also do exercises “in class” so that you can get immediate feedback!

    • You will receive a recording of our Zoom meeting so you can also go back and review. (You will also get the recording if you have to miss the class for some reason.)

    • You will receive handouts summarizing the topics we covered, along with musical examples.

    • If you wish to take a mock exam or do review work in sight-singing/rhythm reading or ear training, you will receive a coupon for 20% off these services (save $14-25!) after having completed the class!

Fall 2021 Music Theory Graduate Review offerings: week of November 1, November 15, November 29, December 13.

Spring 2022 Music Theory Graduate Review offerings: week of January 31, February 7.

Your investment for the Graduate Music Theory Exam Review is:
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I’m Dr. Amy! I am a proud graduate of the University of Kentucky (GO CATS!) and the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. I have taught music in some form or other for the past 27 years, worked with students from age 3 to 93, and from public/parochial school music to college music theory and history to church choir.


I am also a flutist and I LOVE to play! But while I have taught in different states (Kentucky, Indiana, and Iowa) and in different ways (I’ve had my own office but I’ve also done “art on a cart,” where I travelled to different classrooms teaching music), the main thing I love best is figuring out ways to explain things that might be difficult for some people to understand in a way that makes it EASIER for them.


One of the very best teachers I ever had in music theory at UK explained things so well to me that I’m pretty sure she could have explained calculus to me and it would have been fine. (Note: NOT ALL music theorists are good at mathematics - I suck at it.) That’s why I love what I do! In those rare moments when I’m not theorizing or fluting, I am usually working on cross-stitch projects or just spending time with my cats, Neville Goodfellow and Primrose Nevermean.

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